Film Bazaar Screenwriters' Lab 2014

In close collaboration with NFDC's Film Bazaar, NFDC LABs will create and deliver the 8th edition of the renowned Screeenwriters' Lab, in Sarajevo, Goa and Film Bazaar 2014.

Below are the projects selected for Screenwriters' Lab 2014 -

The Boyfriend – Vidur Nauriyal & Ashim Ahluwalia
Winter-  Amir Bashir
Char Log Kya Kahenge – Hitesh Bhatia
Flow  - Vandana Kohli
All about Her  - Ruchi Joshi
The SunSet Club -  Karan Tejpal

Romance Lab  2014

In partnership with HARLEQUIN publishers. This lab is designed to collaborate on the creation of both strong commercial screenplays rooted in Love stories of all kinds from comedy to tragedy. The unique partnership NFDC LABS has established with HARLEQUIN allows the screenwriters to simultaneously write a novel based on their screenplay with the potential for this to be published by HARLEQUIN. The publishing house will bring specific coaching to this Lab trajectory so writers will be empowered in their screenwriting craft as well as commercial literature.

Below are the projects selected for Romance Screenwriters' Lab 2014 -
Magic of Maria – Annie Zaidi
Vanmala -  Abhimanyu Kulkarni
A second Life – Pravina Srivastava
The Falcon Hunter – Vineet Gupta
Love at the time of Moral Policing – Nihaarika Negi
Anjuna Beats -  Thomas Jacob