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The Woman

1995 | 93 mins. | Colour | Telugu | Social

A chance encounter on the boat! Rangi and Paddalu wheedle their way onto the boat much against the boatman's wishes. The next morning it is discovered that Paddalu has made away with the cargo on the board. Rangi is still around, probably to delay the police from catching the culprit. When asked Rangi frankly tells her story. Paddalu is really not her husband but "her man" she knows that the booty will not be shared with her, but with Passalu's beautiful young wife. Why then does she help Paddalu in his nefarious activities? "Because he is my man" is her simple answer which has eons of female subservience hidden within it.

Director | Script Writer: K. S. Sethu Madhavan

Camera: S. Saravanam

Editor: D. Rajagopal

Music: L. Vaidyanathan

Cast: A. D. Ramchandran, Rohini, Vijay, S. Bheemeswara Rao, K. K. Sarma


National Award Best Feature Film in Telugu & a Special Mention for Best Actress

Festival Participation

Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India

2nd Prague International, Czech Republic - 1996

Indian Film Festival in Mauritus - 2003

Suraj Ka Satvan Ghoda
1992 | 130 mins. | Colour | Hindi | Social

This film narrative takes place over seven days during which time Manek Mulla, a young man barely out of his teens, tells three stories about himself. These stories revolve around Manek's involvement with women. In each case one or another circumstance leads to his separation from his beloved. The tone of the stories is 'tongue in cheek' and sometimes borders on the fantastic and surreal. There is consistency and ambiguity - a blurring of distinction between the real and the invented.

For Manek Mulla, the purpose of telling these stories is to define the meaning of love. As it transpires, none of the stories Manek tells actually define Love… If they do, they define what love is not.

The film is a comedy but not without a twinge of pain and a sense of loss.

Director: Shyam Benegal

Camera: Piyush Shah

Editor: Bhanudas Divakar

Music: Vanraj Bhatia

Cast: Amrish Puri, Neena Gupta, K. K. Raina, Pallavi Joshi, Raghuvir Yadav, Rajit Kapur, Rajeshwari


National Award for Best Hindi Film - 1992

Festival Participation

11th Jerusalem Film Festival - 1994

39th Asia Pacific Film Festival - Best Actor Award to Amrish Pur, Sydney - 1994

Indian Panorama - International Film Festival of India - 1993

Hong Kong Film Festival - 1994

Vancouver Film Festival - 1994

Chicago Film Festival - 1994

London Film Festival - 1994

Cairo Film Festival - 1994

1994 | 140 mins. | Hindi | Social

Half a century ago, Rajasthan, India. Not the Rajasthan of sand dunes but of barren mountains, stunted Khejari trees and painted mansions. The land of Shekhavati.
A couple in search of a cure for their seven year old ailing daughter. Jassu Kaka, a village elder who knows the cure, but guides them to Sukku Baba- a Fakir living in the desert.
A village where no girl child survives beyond the age of seven. An old woman in the twilight zone of sanity and madness, the only symbol of compassion in a village torn by greed and intolerance. A woman fighting for the rights of her child even after her own death.
An old well from which ghosts of the past emerge. A community confessing its crimes long forgotten. An absolution for the sinners. A TARPAN for the departed souls.

Director: K. Bikram Singh

Producer: NFDC & Doordarshan

Cast: Revathi, Meeta Vasisht, Om Puri, Manohar Singh

The Making Of The Mahatma
1996 | 145 mins. | Colour | English | History

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, a young England-educated barrister at-law, then practising in Rajkot in Kathiawad, is invited by an Indian firm in South Africa to handle their law suit. The Making of the Mahatma is M.K. Gandhi's early story of experiments with truth, which gave to mankind a new weapon to fight for freedom from all kinds of oppression; it is also the most civilized and humane. The process of transformation from Gandhi, the man, to Gandhi, the Mahatma is as exciting as it is thought-provoking.

Director: Shyam Benegal

Cast:Rajat Kapur, Pallavi Joshi, Keith Stevenson, Paul Slabolepszy
Producer: NFDC & SABC(Africa)



Festival Participation

San Sebastian Film Festival, Spain - 2001

Zanzibar International Film Festival

Films From South Festival 1998 Denmark

Singapore Film Festival Competition

6th Briban International Film Festival, Australia

Djerja International Film Festival, Tunisia

13th Haifa International Film Festival, Israel

3rd Shanghai International Film Festival, China

16th Fair International Film Festival, Iran - 1998

2001 | 89 mins. | Telugu | Social

Subbaiah is a Brahmin living off Tiladaanam, the meanest form of Brahmin duties. He ekes out his living in Hyderabad, by becoming a corpse-carrier, and earning very little. When the film opens he is told of the birth of a grandson. His daughter-in-law, Padma, is living with him, while his son has become a Naxalite. On the night the child is born, the son Raghuram, makes a clandestine visit home. The anti-Naxalite squad enters Subhaiah's house, and ransacks the little that he has. Raghuram escapes police firing and kills a policeman in the attack. Raghuram suggests that since he is not able to help the family, and since his father refuses to take any money, he ought to surrender to the police, so that Padma can live off the reward. The shock of his son's surrender kills Subbaish, Padma waits in vain for the reward. A TARPAN for the departed souls.

Director: K.N.T. Sastry

Producer: NFDC Ltd.

Cast: H. G. Dattatraya, Jaya Seal, Brahmaji, Thanikella Bhavani, Attili Lakshmi


National Award 2002 - The Best First Film of a Director

Train To Pakistan
1997 | 108 mins. | Colour | Hindi | Social

the border of the little village where the action takes place. Mano Majra is a sleepy town on the Punjab border between India and Pakistan, where Sikhs and Muslims have lived peacefully for years. As the freedom struggle reaches its climax the frontier becomes a scene of rioting and bloodshed. But the village carries on its tryst with peace and bonhomie until a train rattles in at an unusual time with an unusual cargo. This train from Pakistan is bursting forth with corpses of Hindus and Sikhs. A few days later, the gory incident is repeated and the village is unwittingly thrown into the cauldron of violence and hate.

Director: Pamela Rooks

Camera: Sunny Joseph

Editor: Sujatha Nirula

Music: Kuldip Singh

Cast: Nirmal Pandey, Mohan Agashe, Rajit Kapur, Smriti Mishra, Divya Dutta, Mangal Dhillon, Paritosh Sand, M.S. Sathyu, Suresh Jindal, Kamal Tewari, Amit Kharbanda

Festival Participation

Nominated for Best Film at Cinequest Film Festival, USA - 1999

1988 | 102 mins. | Hindi | Social

The film is set in a Central Asian desert in the 1st Century B.C. A sandstorm strikes the Buddhist town of Sariput, leaving just four survivors -- two monks and two children – in the upper floor of a monastery. Twenty years later the old monk is 70, the younger one is 50, and the kids have grown up. The flame of desire is first sparked off when the younger monk sees the girl bathing. The conflict builds up with the boy and girl falling in love, and the monk being consumed with jealousy. He manipulates the boy into becoming a monk. But the girl persists in winning back her love and as a result the two lovers are turned out of the monastery. By the time the younger monk repents and sets out to search for the young couple, another sandstorm sweeps in..... but god justice provails!

Director: Nabendu Ghosh

Producer: NFDC

Music Director: Salil Choudhary

Cast:Nana Patekar, Nitish Bharadwaj, Alok Nath, Pallavi Joshi

1994 | 120 mins. | Hindi | Social

Bimli, the daughter of poor parents, works in a kiln and is the only bread-winner in the family. As per the custom she has been betrothed at the age of 13 years but her husband is away working in Calcutta. At the kiln she is befriended by Billar, a truck driver, who proposes marriage which is acceptable to her parents since Billar will give them a huge amount of money. Hearing of this, her father-in-law Bisram turns up and takes her away to his village where he rapes her. However, the male dominated panchayat punishes Bimli for his crime...

Director: Basu Chatterjee

Producer: NFDC

Music Director: Salil Chaudhary

Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Rajeshwari, Vijay Kashyap

Mani Kaul's 3 DVD Pack (Uski Roti | Duvidha | Nazar)

Uski Roti
1970 | 110 mins. | B/W | Hindi

A desolate bus stop on a highway…figure of a village woman - Balo, waiting to deliver a meal to Sucha Singh, the husband, a bus driver. He expects the traditional duties of an average Indian rural wife.
Balo in turn accepts her husband's independent lifestyle.
Balo hurries to the bus stop. She is late delivering the meal, trying to save her younger sister, Jinda, from being seduced by the village rake.
The bus arrives, the husband refuses to accept the meal and her explanation. She decided to wait till he returns at night…

Director: Mani Kaul

Cast: Gurdeep Singh, Garima, Richa Vyas, Lakhanpal, Savita Bajaj


National Award for Best Cinematography - 1971

Filmfare Critics Award for Best Film - 1971

The Guardian Spirit of the House

2002 | 220 mins. | Colour | Marathi | Social

Dr. Bhaskar, a Magsaysay Award Winner, returns to his village after 40 years. He tries to reconstruct his boyhood experiences with all the characters and their lives around him. The present makes him to do things for the village, he had forgotten about in all these years.

Director: Sumitra Bhave & Sunil Sukthankar

Camera: Sanjay Memane

Editor: Neeraj Voralia

Music: Shrirang Umrani

Cast: Siddharth Daftardar, Uttara Baokar, Sadashiv Amrapurkar Ravindra Mankani, & Atul Kulkarni


8 Maharashtra State Awards for Best Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Lyrics, Actor, Actress, Supporting

Actor and Supporting Actress - 2003

National Film Award, Best Marathi Film - 2003

Festival Participation

26th Hill Valley Film Festival, South Korea - 2003
9th Festival Cine Feast Doha - 2003

Woh Chhokri
1993 | 156 mins. | Hindi | Social

Like a lost soul, Tunu lives and spends her time at the Bombay Central Railway Station, searching desperately for the one face which can change her life: the face of her father Dinesh Roy, a small-time politician. He has abandoned her and her mother, Geeta, who has now become a bootlegger and prostitute in order to survive. One day, Tunu does locate Dinesh and goes to Delhi to meet him who is now a leader in a big political party, but she is drugged and dumped into a train without a ticket. Returning home to Mumbai she finds that her mother has been murdered. Then, one day, she sees her father's photograph in the newspaper. He is to address a political meeting in Mumbai. Tunu attends the meeting and tries to contact her father but is thrown out. While Dinesh Roy talks of integrity, his illegitimate daughter is on the way to the police lock-up for disturbing the peace & eventually will face death!

Director: Subhankar Ghosh

Producer: NFDC

Music Director: Sapan Jagmohan

Cast: Pallavi Joshi, Neena Gupta, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri

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