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1:1:6 An Ode To Lost Love
2003 | 100 mins. | Bengali | Social

On the first day of the shooting of his film, Pramod introduces the cinematographer 'M' to young Sushmita, the main actress in the film and her lovely mother Mrs. Jyothi Bhat. As the shooting progresses, the relationships among them start changing. Sushmitha starts liking M and starts calling him "Cheta", meaning elder brother in Kerala. M decides to cast Sushmita as Asha in the film he is planning to direct. Pramod, who has so far remained a chronic bachelor, though he plays around with girls and makes films on them, starts getting a strange and pure feeling towards Sushmita.

Director: Madhu Ambat

Producer: NFDC

Cast:Rati Agnihotri, Gulshan Grover, Atul Kulkarni, Sonali Kulkarni, Mausmi

27 Down
1973 | 115 mins. | Colour | Hindi | Social

Sanjay wanted to study art, but his domineering father, an engine driver in retirement after a crippling injury, insisted that a railway job, with its security, was the best thing for him. So Sanjay ended up as a train conductor, unhappy with the career forced upon him, and the mechanical, meaningless life that he lives. In the course of his duty on the train, he runs into a working girl, Shalini and feels attracted to her. His father hears about his interest in Shalini, strongly disapproves of it and intervenes in Sanjay's life once again. Unable to stand up to his father, Sanjay soon finds himself married to a village girl. Life becomes even more unbearable for Sanjay. He takes to wandering and seeks comfort in drink and brothels. One final chance comes his way to break loose from his shackles and plan a new life with Shalini. He lets it pass.

Director | Screenplay: Awtar Krishna Kaul

Camera: A. K. Bir

Editor: Ravi Patnaik

Music: Bhuben Hari

Cast: Raakhee, M.K. Raina, Rekha Sabnis, Madhavi Manjula & Om Shivpuri


National Award for Best Hindi Film & Best Cinematography - 1974

Festival Participation

Ecumenial Award for Locarno Film Festival

Dulcat Prize at Mannheim International Film Festival

Adi Shankaracharya
1983 | 120 mins. | Sanskrit | Social

By the end of the century, Hindu thought and philosophy had acquired several obscurities and inconsistencies and faced a challenge from other heterodox sects and Buddhism. Born in Kerala, Shankaracharya arrived on the religious scene around this time. As a boy he was instructed in the religious life by his father and made to practice the prevalentrituals. His father's death, however, compelled him to think deeply about life and death, the body and the soul. With his mother's approval, Shankaracharya decided to lead a life of austerity. Donning the robes of the renouncer he set out on a journey in the quest of Truth, a journey which would take him across the sub-continent. Shankaracharya furthered the school of Vedantic thought and propagated the Advaita (Monism) philosophy, eventually leading to the establishment of the four famous learning centres in the far corners of India.

Director: G. V. Iyer

Producer: NFDC

Cast:S. D. Banerjee, M. V. Narayana Rao, Manjunath Bhatt


National Award 1984 - Best Feature Film,

National Award 1984 - Best Screenplay,

National Award 1984 - Best Cinematography,

National Award 1984 - Best Audiography

Anhey Ghorhey Da Daan
2011 | 113 mins. | Punjabi | Drama

On a foggy winter morning, a Dalit family in a village in Punjab wakes up to the news of the demolition of a house of one of their community members on the outskirts of the village. Father, a silent sympathiser, joins his community in demand for justice for the affected family. The same day, his son Melu, a cycle-rickshaw puller in the city, is participating in a strike by his union. Injured and alienated, Melu spends the day quietly resting and later joins his friends as they tease him over his state of affairs. Hesitantly, he drinks with them in the night as they debate the meaning of their existence. Cycling through the city streets, Melu feels lost and wonders where to go and what to do. Back in the village, his mother feels humiliated at the treatment meted out by the landlords in whose fields she works. Gunshots are heard in the night and the village is tense. It's the night of the lunar eclipse. A man wanders asking for the traditional alms while Father decides to visit the city with a friend, even as his daughter Dayalo walks through the village streets in the night.

Director: Gurvindar Singh

Producer: NFDC

Music: Catherine Lamb
Cast:Mal Singh, Samuel John, Serbjeet Kaur, Dharminder Kaur, Emmanuel Singh, Kulwinder Kaur, Lakha Singh

Festival Participation

Abu Dhabi Film Festival - Special Jury Award Black Pearl Trophy 2011

National Award 2011 - Best Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Punjabi Film

Venice International Film festival 2012 - Screening at Orrizonti Section

Busan International Film Festival - 2011, South Korea

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012, Netherlands

South Asian International Film Festival 2011, New York, USA

Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2011, Hong Kong

London Film Festival 2011, UK

Pune International Film Festival 2012, Pune

1994 | 90 mins. | Colour | Hindi | Social

Living in his ancestral mansion in a jungle, Raja Saheb, a widower passes his time hunting. Once, with a tribal boy and with his guests-two couples-he goes on a hunting spree. On the way some strange things happen which push everyone into deep introspection.

Director: A. K. Bir

Producer: NFDC

Cast: Sarat Pujari, Navni Parihar, Sanjana Kapoor, Mohan Gokhale.

Festival Participation

Indian Panorama, International Film Festival of India - 1995
Shanghai International Film Festival - China 1995

Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan
1978 | 110 mins. | Colour | Hindi | Drama

Arvind Desai is the only son of a rich businessman who deals in luxury handicraft products. His feelings for his father are mixed. While he hates his dominating nature, he admires his power and lack of scruples. He has long discussions on art & politics with a Marxist friend. He is seeing his father's secretary, Alice and sometimes he visits a prostitute, Fatima. His marriage is arranged to a girl from a high-class family who has just returned from Paris, but much to Alice's mohter's dismay Alice she realizes that Alice was nothing more than a passing fancy for Arvind.

Director: Saeed Akhtar Mirza

Producer: NFDC

Music: Bhaskar Chandavarkar

Cinematography: Virendra Saini

Cast: Dilip Dhawan, Anjali Paigankar, Shriram Lagoo, Om Puri, Sulabha Deshpande, & Rohini Hattangadi.


Filmfare Critics Award for Best Film - 1979

1995 | 130 mins. | Colour | Marathi | Social

A young man takes a journey on a cart through jungles to reach the small hamlet of Bangarwadi, inhabited by a few shepherds, peasants and some members of a criminal tribe known as the Ramoshis. The young man goes there as a teacher. After the initial trauma, he finds the milieu and the environment very inspiring and educative. But then he is transferred to some other school. What remains with him is the memory of the simple folk and their pure nature.

Director: Amol Palekar

Camera: Debu Deodhar

Music: Vanraj Bhatia

Cast: Chandrakant Kulkarni, Nandu Madhav, Sunil Ranade & Adhishree Atre


National Award for Best Film in Marathi - 1996

Maharashtra State Awards for Second Best Film, Cinematography, Sound, Actor & Comedian

Kalnirnay Award Best Film 1997

43rd FilmFare Award - Best Film in Marathi & Director 1997

Festival Participation

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 1996

Birmingham International Film Festival 1996

London Film Festival, UK 1996

15th FAJR International Film Festival, Iran 1997

Cairo International Film Festival, Egypt 1996

Bagota International Film Festival, Columbia - 1996

Sarajevo Film Festival, Prague 1996

2008 | 94 mins. | Colour | Malayalam | Social

The film Bioscope is set in the second decade of the 20th century. The film unfolds in the backdrop of cinema making its appearance in Kerala. The protagonist Diwakaran's new journey begins with his acquisition of a bioscope from the Frenchman DuPont, who does bioscope shows on the coasts of Tamil Nadu. He returns home and starts conducting bioscope shows in his village. The villagers welcome the new images with innocence. Yet, some suspect that the bioscope box has ghosts of the British hidden in it.

Diwakaran's wife, Nalini, is ill. His father is deeply concerned and believes that modern medicines are incapable of curing Nalini and looks for medicines and cure in astrology and witchcraft. Diwakaran is greeted by all of these forces when he arrives home with his brand new images - by the innocence of the villagers and obstinacy of tradition. A witch doctor, arrives with a mute girl that can tell what is past and predict the future, sounds the death knell for the bioscope...

The exorcism of tradition over the pulse of modernity...

Director: KM Madhusudhanan

Producer: NFDC

Cinematography: MJ Radhakrishnan

Music: Chandran Veyyattummal

Editor: Bina Paul

Cast: Walter Wagner, Ramgopal Bajaj, Nedumbram Gopi, Bharatan Njarakkal, T.V. Gangadharan, Mekha Rajan, Kuttiyedathi Vilasini, Nilamboor Ayesha and Anusha Mohan


National Award - Special Jury Award for Film 2008

Kerala State Award - Special Jury Award for Director - 2008

Kerala State Award - Best Director - 2008

Kerala State Award - Best Cinematographer - 2008

Kerala State Award - Best Background Score - 2008

Kerala State Award - Best Processing - 2008

Festival Participation

SAIFF, New York Award For Best Cinematographer 2008

NETPAC Jury, Osian's Cinefan Award For Best Asian Film - 2008

Manheim-Heidelberg, Germany - International Jury Award

1999 | 148 mins. | Oriya | Social

Biswaprakash's journey away from home from time to time, becomes his endeavour for self realization about the changing value system because of a new consumer culture. He develops friendship with Anjali, an independent young lady who stays along with her mother on the outskirts of the town in their old mansion near the sea. Their relationship comes to an end soon. One day Biswaprakash meets a traveller named June from abroad and leans on her with the hope of escaping from the claustrophobic town. He gradually becomes friendly with many foreign travellers and slowly gets totally alienated from his friends, family and society. Time comes when June leaves for a new destination and that finds Biswaprakash stuck in a no-return situation.

Director: Sussant Nisra

Producer: NFDC

Cast: Sanjeev Samal, Nandita Das, Christina Ranck, Carman Cordwell, Binyak Mishra, Anasuya Chaudhary, Bibhu Prasad Sarang, Jhana Dave

Festival Participation

Shanghai International Film Festival - China 1999
Cairo International Film festival - Egypt 1999

Char Adhyay
1997 | 110 mins. | Hindi | Social

One of the most experimental films made in the Indian cinematic horizon, Char Adhyay, by auteur Kumar Shahani, is a poignant tale on the adverse effects of nationalism and patriotism. Based on Tagore's novel of the same name, the film, as the novel, shows the destructive potential and hypocrisy of any belief system that is followed blindly and that places itself above the human needs of its followers. Set in the terrorist phase of the Indian freedom movement, it tracks the story of Ela, who has become a living mascot and metaphor of the nation for a group of armed revolutionaries. Though happy at first, she begins to question this and the movement when one member of the group, Atin, resists and expresses his revulsion towards this indoctrination. The two fall in love, but, would a group, blindly sold to an ideology, allow the simplicity of this beautiful love? Char Adhyay, the film, is a nuanced, restrained interpretation of Tagore's work that both complements and accentuates the novella.

Director: Kumar Sahani

Producer: NFDC & Doordarshan

Cast:Nandini Ghosal, Sumanto Chattopadhyay, Kaushik Gopal, Shruti Yusufi

Chalo America
1998 | 119 mins. | Comedy | Hindi

Three college kids, bred on western pop culture, are obsessed with migrating to America, and are always dreaming up weird schemes to get there. Their plans lead to them being trapped in numerous hilarious situations. After mishaps galore, the trio come to realize that the American dream is just an illusion... or do they?

Director: Piyush Jha
Cast: Ashish Choudhury, Deven Bhojani, Mandar Shinde.
Producer: NFDC Ltd.

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